With over half a decade of dedicated drone piloting experience, I am Josh Kolonia, an FAA-certified drone pilot specializing in cinematic aerial footage. My expansive portfolio is a testament to my commitment to excellence in this field.

Having worked on commercials for iconic brands like Beats by Dre and collaborated with minor league hockey and baseball teams, I've demonstrated an adept ability to capture riveting moments from unique perspectives. My drones can navigate both indoor and outdoor spaces, reaching impressive speeds over 100 mph, allowing for the capture of breathtaking visuals that elevate the essence of any project.

Safety, innovation, and a deep respect for the art of cinematography drive me. As a licensed and insured pilot, I operate within all FAA regulations, ensuring every flight is both safe and legally compliant.

The world looks different from above, and my goal is to bring that vantage point to your next project. Whether you’re envisioning captivating scenes for a film or looking to boost the intensity of a commercial, my expertise and equipment stand ready to help actualize your vision.

Connect with me to embark on a cinematic journey that takes your project to unprecedented heights.